You gain 5 free skill points you can only spend on acrobatics, athletics, bluff, larceny, stealth, and streetwise, the fifth dot costs double. You also get one free point in either Melee or Ranged.

Set up: Pick one
-Scoundrel: You use Cha+Bluff v Resolve for backstabbing. You ignore 1 point of penalties to all bluff rolls.
-Sneak: You use Dex+Stealth v Perception for backstabbing. You ignore 1 point of penalty to all stealth rolls you make.
-Tumbler: You use Dex+Acrobatics v Acrobatics for backstabbing. You ignore 1 point of penalty to all acrobatics rolls you make.

Backstab: Each round you may make a check of the type chosen above against one target you can see. Successes are added to your attack roll this round against the same target.

Also, when you strike a target who is unaware of your presence, you roll three additional dice.

Level 2 – You may attempt to hide any time it wouldn’t be completely absurd.

Level 3 – You learn another type of set-up. Whenever you use either, roll +2 dice.

Level 4 – You get one specialty for free, and one dot in any skill you have no dots in.

Level 5 – You gain one exploit for free. Additionally, you one more Set-Up option.

-Cold Read: Once per scene, when you first see an NPC, you can ask three questions personal questions about them. The GM will answer truthfully. (5xp)
-Hobble: When you hit someone you have successfully Set-Up, they must check Con+Resolve with a penalty to the damage you dealt them in order to change zones. (7xp)
-Team Work: When you roll to set up, you get +1 dice per ally in your zone. (8xp)
-Ranged: When you set up an enemy in an adjacent zone, roll +3 dice. (7xp)

-Deadly Assessment: You can spend your standard action to Set-Up a target you have just set up. The successes stack and carry over to your first attack against the target on your next turn.
-Tumble: You can change zones twice, ignoring all but blocking, terrain as a free action.
-Bleeding Strike: The target of this attack takes 1L at the beginning of each of its turns until it gets a dif 2 heal check or receives magical healing.


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