Fighters get 3 free skill points they can put in any skill, though buying the 5th dot in a skill costs double. They also get one free dot in melee and ranged.

As a fighter, you get one edge whenever anyone in your zone attacks a non-defender character. You can spend an edge to re-roll an attack pool. This re-roll cannot become a critical failure.

When you hit a character with a melee attack, the target is marked. Marked characters cannot leave the zone you occupy without making a Str+Ath check with a penalty equal to your Con.

Finally, pick one of the following benefits.
-Sword and Board: If you are holding a shield, you can spend edge to increase the defense of all allies in your zone by 1 as long until the end of your next turn.
-Two-Handed Weapon Master: You can spend an edge to change zones (making any requisite rolls as normal), and make an attack at -2 as a free action.
-Brawler: You can use scenery as a 3L weapon that counts as any one appropriate weapon type. When you pick up the weapon, you can pay 2 edge to make it a 4L weapon. You can go into edge debt to pay for this ability.

Level 2 – You start each combat with one edge. Additionally, while you wear armor, you have +1 armor.

Level 3 – Weapon Mastery. Pick one of the following benefits. You get the benefit only when you attack with the appropriate weapon.
-Axe: The damage rating of axes you wield is increased by one. You can spend an one edge to deal +1 damage on a hit with an axe.
-Sword: When you attack with a sword, you can re-roll one failed dice. If you spend 1 edge before an attack with a sword, you can re-roll both 5s and 6s on this attack.
-Flail: When you hit with a flail, chose one other character in the zone. You are considered to have hit both of them for your movement denial ability. You may spend one edge to apply your movement denial ability to an opponent you have missed with an attack this round.
-Club/Hammer: Clubs and hammers you use can deal L or B damage. When you use a club or hammer to deal B damage, its damage rating is +2. You may spend an edge on a move action after making a successful attack in order to force the target to move with you.
-Spear/Polearm/Staff: When you hold a spear/polearm, you gain +1 defense against ranged attacks. You may spend an edge to
-Light Blade: When an opponent misses you with an attack, roll one dice. On a success, deal the attacker one damage. When an opponent damages you, you may spend an edge to make a free attack against them.
-Heavy Blade: When you attack with a sword, you require two additional 1s to achieve a critical failure. You may spend one edge to increase your defense by one until the end of your next turn.

Level 4 – You start each combat with 3 edge.

Level 5 – You gain one exploit for free. In addition, you learn one more weapon mastery option.

-Attention Getter: Enemies in your zone take -1 to attack rolls that don’t include you. (6xp)
-Taunter: You may make a minor action taunt using Charisma+Intimidate or Bluff, opposed by the targets Wisdom. If you succeed, they are subject to your movement denial, but they take a penalty to the roll equal to your number of successes instead of your Con. (7xp)
-Cleave: Whenever you down an enemy, you can make another attack as a free action at -1. (6xp)
-Threatening Thrust: Your missed attacks apply your movement denial. (8xp)

-Drive It Back: Attack an enemy as a standard action. If you hit, move yourself and the target one zone, ignoring anything but blocking terrain. Then make another attack, on a hit, the target is also made prone.
-Weave Through the Fray: As a standard action, you can attack up to three creatures in your zone.
-Mine!: Pick a target. For the remainder of the day, all of your attacks against this enemy are made at +2 dice.
-Meet the Challenge: When an enemy enters your zone you may make an attack against them as an interrupt.


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