Character Creation

Distribute 6 points between the 6 attributes. Each attribute starts at 1, the 5th dots cost double.

Strength – Is used for most physical tasks requiring force and athleticism. Melee Attacks.
Dexterity – Is used for most tasks requiring finesse and precision. Ranged Attacks.
Constitution – Is used for anything that requires endurance. Affects health.
Intelligence – Is used for anything requiring knowledge or raw brainpower.
Wisdom – Is used for anything requiring perceptiveness or enlightenment.
Charisma – Is used for anything that requires force of personality or charm.

Your Physical Defense is equal to your lowest physical attribute (Str, Dex, or Con).
Your Mental Defense is equal to your lowest mental attribute (Int, Wis, or Cha).

Distribute 5 point between combat skills. Dots 4 and 5 cost double.

Melee – Any hand-to-hand attacks, unarmed or with weapons.
Ranged – Any physical attack made at a distance, bows, throwing knives, or rocks.
Magic – Any attack made primarily through magic, from fireballs to divine wrath.

Distribute 15 points in skills. Dots 4 and 5 cost double.

Academics – Research skills and mundane knowledge.
Acrobatics – Balance, coordination, and tumbling.
Arcane – Knowledge of Arcane magics.
Athletics – Climbing, jumping, swimming, anything sporty.
Bluff – The ability to lie, deceive and trick.
Diplomacy – The ability to interact pleasantly and peacefully.
Divine – Knowledge of the gods and their secrets.
Expression – The ability to give speeches or write eloquently.
Insight – The ability to read people’s emotions and intentions.
Intimidate – The ability to scare people into submission.
Larceny – Picking locks and pockets.
Medical – Knowledge of various humanoid anatomies and medical skills.
Perception – The acuteness of ones senses.
Planar Knowledge – Knowledge of the planes and their properties.
Resolve – Ability to fight off injury and influence.
Stealth – Hiding, sneaking, and avoiding notice.
Streetwise – Knowing who’s who and what’s what.
Survival – The ability to live off the land or just not die in the wild.

Choose two specialties. Specialties are narrower uses of skills that provide one extra die when they apply to a roll.

Chose a Race, Class, and Faction

Spend 5 free XP.

Character Creation

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