I love Planescape. I would love to run a Planescape campaign sometime. The only problem is the system. 2E just seems antiquated. 3.5 was always bloated and odd, I was never really a fan. I can’t bring myself to turn Planescape into a series of combat encounters. What’s a DM to do?

Create a new system.

These are my goals for a new system in no particular order;

  • To have a highly customizable character creation system (dot based?).
  • Have fun crunchy combat.
  • Allow characters to have abilities that are useful outside of combat.
  • Supports classic D&D classes (Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, etc).
  • Bell curves!

Table of Contents
Core System
Character Creation

Planescape: The Next Generation